Thoughts on Audio Note, Totem, B&W, Lipinski...

I'm in the market for a new pair of speakers and curious as to other's thoughts. Looking for a two-channel setup, and mostly listen to classical music. Have a 18'x18' room. Need something that can take on a full orchestra fairly well in $3000-$4000 range. To date in my searches, I've come across four speakers that seem to appeal to me (although they aren't necessarily similar): Audio Note AN-J, Totem Forest, B&W 804S, Lipinski L-707. Any experiences with these? Other models that I should be looking at that would do well in my size room with an orchestra? Equipment that I might want to pair with them? Thanks all.

Of the contenders you have listed, I have had extensive experience at home and local dealers with Audio Note and B&Ws (I own both). Between the two, it is also a match with whatever amplifier you have. The ANs are a bit more sensitive and have a more stable impedence. Thus you can use a larger variety of amps (tube or SS.) I like both, but for music the B&W is no match for AN. For HT, it is a toss-up. Also for your size room, unless there are other mitigating factors, I would prefer the larger AN-E, rather than the AN-J. I have an AN-E for a 11x13 room and I absolutely am thrilled with the performance of the speaker.

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if you love classical music, the totem forests would be the best of the one's you mention. they are full range, tonally accurate and throw a huge soundstage. the audio note's are alright on the tone front, but are no match for the totem moving air. the lipenski is more of a nearfield monitor design, and though is is accurate, its best with more simple acoustic recordings. i would also recommend looking into ohm, castle, or seeking out a mint pair of duntech, hales or dunlavy speakers.
Contrary to the Stereophile review, the Lipinski has little bottom end. I heard them set up almost flush to the wall in a typical monitoring arrangement. They sounded great within their bandwith limitation, but that limitation is severe.


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Get your self to a Dali dealer the Dali Helicon's are magical and trounce the 804. The audionote's are too small and have no bass, same with the lipinskis.

The Dali's work well in that size rooms and offer a remarkable combination of deep bass, midrange presence and treble transparancy and they are stunning looking.