Thoughts on best budget phono pre-amp under $400?

Looking for opinions and thoughts on best phono pre-amp under $400 used.
Will be used with a ClearAudio emotion 4 table and ClearAudio Artist V2 mm cart.
Ones I have looked at so far are Vincent pho-8, Creek obh-15, Lounge Audio mk3.
Hopefully get some solid advice and suggestions from actual users.
Listen mainly to modern rock and some classic rock, think A7X, Yes, Rush, Audioslave etc.
Thank you in advance and happy thanksgiving to all!
I think if this guy would take $400, it’s a no brainer. Even if you have to stretch your budget a bit, it's worth it.

I’ve had a P75 that I use as a back up in a really expensive vinyl front end. When the P75 is in the system, it’s always shocking how good it is.
I know a couple of people locally that are very impressed with the Jolida that was mentioned above. That would probably be the direction I'd go in that price range. There were a couple recently on the US audio mart in your price range. Not sure they are still there though.
You can get a brand new Lehmann Audio Black Cube from an authorized dealer on "that auction site". They accept offers well below the list price.
My friend has a Budgie (very nice). Be aware that your cartridge needs at least 5 mv of output. The gain is on the low side !