Thoughts on Egglestonworks Andra II

Listened to a pair recently and was really impressed.
I just have never heard much about them. How do they compare to say the Wilson Watt pupps?
According to the Stereophile review of it, the speakers are a 6 ohm load speaker, which is "easy" to drive. They drop down to 3 ohms in the 50-100 hertz range. I, also, have been told that they need power. Audioblazer--I'm surprised that the bass was overwelming with Pass gear. I have a Pass Labs X 0.2 preamp and a Jeff Rowland 302 amp. My system is bass-shy! It could have something to do with the Nordost Valhalla/SPM speakercable that I'm running. I may go to Transparent or Siltech for speaker cable to beef up the bass. Also, my problem could be that the Nordost doesn't work well with the fast Rowland. The Nordost is a very fast speaker wire. Tough to tell what will work until you try different combinations. Overall, I'm very impressed with the Andra 2. Excluding some of the light bass in the music that I listen to, these speakers portray a phenominal live sound. Very life-like with a great soundstage! Stan
watt-puppy-7's image better than the andra's (and just about any other speaker i've ever heard), but the andra's have "soul"-i feel they are a more musical speaker, with a greater sense of ease and a smoother, sweeter top end.
the wp-7's are built better, and look more expensive (well, they are of course). consider this- i feel the andra's also outperform the maxx-2's ($45k) as far as musicality goes, although the maxx is a bit more resolving and will move a lot more air, has deeper bass, is more dynamic, and has fantastic build quality. but the eggs sound more like real instruments.
so, if 3-D imaging is your greatest priority, the wilsons are really unbelievably good. otoh, if you want to feel that you are actually listening to a steinway and not just a superb reproduction of one, get the egglestons. just make sure you have 100W/ch of high-quality amplification.
French Fries, I don't think that Wilsons can image better than Egglestons. The drivers used in Egglestons are much more revealing and accurate, especially the Esotar tw. As far as concerns the Maxx II, you should compare them with Savoys, not with the Andra IIs. Savoys have four 12" Dynaudio woofers and four 6" Morels plus the Esotar and retail for 40K $, near to Maxx II's retail of 45K. Anyway I agree on your point that Eggs sound more "real" while the Wilsons seem more impressive at first.
Happy New Year Everybody. 2006 shld be an exciting yr for Audiogoner. looks like I won't go for andra if its need so much watt with its low sensitivity despite the attractive offer by the dealer. even if I change to conrad power amp(140watts) I m not sure it will sound good. With this I have decided to buy VR4sr. TQ for your response. happy listening
Happy New Year to you also. There is a used pair of Andra’s I on the ‘Gon