Thoughts on having 2 different sized subs in same room

We are currently in the process of redoing our living room and "Managment", or should I say my, wife does not want any funiture in the design that will provide a place for my equipment. Luckily I still have my main system in my man cave / media room and now since I have an extra sub was considering incorporating into my main system.

Main system breakdown:

Bob Carver Crimson 275 Tube Amp

(80w x2 @ 8 ohms)

Parasound ZPre3 Pre-Amp

U-Turn Orbit TT w/ Ortofon Super OM20 

Ifi Zen Phono Pre Amp

Warfedale EVO 4.3 Speakers

SVS SB12-NSD subwoofer 

Potential Sub to add:

Audio Source SW15" 200 w Sub

Any thoughts?


Different resonance frequency = good. Might take some effort to get it to sound really smooth, but don't give up.

I have tried several combinations of different subs, currently using 2 x Definitive Technology SC 4000's.  By far the best control and sound yet. 

Why that subwoofer?  Why not one of the new SVS subwoofers that allow of DSP control throught their phone app?

Yes you can use two different brands. It's all about proper placement of the subs then a little fooling with separate volumes and crossovers.Hook them up with speaker wire or using the preamp,whichever sounds best to you.They don't need expensive cabling IME to sound great either.