Thoughts on potential new system?

Just went to a Magnolia Design Center and did some looking and listening. My wife and I started with the Sonus Faber 2.5 and 3.0. 3.0 was a big step up from 2.5, but still not great. (For reference, our stereo system is Magnepan 20.1 with AR Reference 3 and Cary Monoblocks). Anyway, tried the B&W speakers and liked them but my wife's ears found the treble a bit harsh at times. I thought they were good, but a bit sterile and brighter in character. Eventually settled on Sonus Faber Olympia 3 as our favorite. Thinking of the Olympia 2 in a HT setup to save a few dollars. Here is their recommended system with the TV (75" Samsung 8550).

Sonus Faber Olympia 2 fronts, Olympia Center, and some in ceiling rears (necessitated by room, unfortunately).
McIntosh 5 channel amp, 200wpc
Marantz pre/pro
Oppo 105 player
REL S3 sub

Any thoughts? I am pretty confident on the front speakers and the Oppo as being a good versatile player. However, I have never owned McIntosh gear and close to $7k for an amp is not cheap. The Marantz is under $2k so is reasonable. I have a Rel Britannia B1 sub in our stereo system for30hz on down so am pretty happy with Rel tho not so confident on HT use. My main concern is the McIntosh and whether I could get similar or superior performance for fewer dollars.....

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.
Sorry, it seems that the phone's autocorrect made jibbeish of my post. I meant to say "I that wasn't knocking the Marantz."
Outstanding to hear your wife listens and actually has valuable input. Your a lucky man. There is great essence in an unexpected gift for the one you love.

As to your choice of subwoofers. I've been a Velodyne customer for four generations of their subs. After one gains a good working knowledge of their new Manual EQ you can get a Velodyne to do your dishes...not really, but they are very adjustable.

You don't really need this degree of adjustability in an HT system. If your happy with REL then there you are. After a direct comparison I find REL lacking in almost all areas but this is certainly a matter of subjective taste. I use an old 15" Earthquake in my modest HT system. If I were to change anything it would be to add another sub for better room control. But hey, its just TV.

Happy shopping.
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I ended up going with a Velodyne DD-12+. I actually have an SVS sub I may sell. It is a beast tho so I shudder at the thought of shipping it!