Thoughts on PS Audio Perfectwave DAC ?

Anyone who has the "Perfectwave DAC or has listened to it, Please share your thoughts on it!

I owned one from 2011 or 12 - 2019 and really enjoyed it. I twice upgraded to the directstream dac and twice went back to the pwd. I added the bridge ii and felt that was a substantial upgrade over the other inputs. If you can get the package cheaply, I think it's still a great dac.

Eventually I replaced it with an audio mirror tubadour iii-se, which I do find a substantial upgrade. I also auditioned a matrix x-sabre pro, Lampizator Amber 3, ifi iDSD pro, and Shiit Bifrost 2. 

Hope that all helps. 

Thanks for your input. I have a Wadia 321 DAC and I enjoy it but I am thinking about going all PS Audio.

Thanks Again!
The PWD is an oldie but a goodie.  I'll bet you can find a great price on one today.
I also owned one for a few years. It was a pretty good sounding unit. I had trouble with it playing HR files from a Bryston BDP-2 though.
Paul and Ted kept promising a fix (for over 2 years!).
I ended up trading in both units towards a Lumin X1.