Thoughts on Shunyata and Transparent?

From what I gather both of these brands are excellent and highly regarded (as long as you are not among the non-believers of the importance of cabling that is).

Has anyone compared the general leanings of the Sigma V2 NR power cords and the Opus Gen 6 power cord?  I know it is heavily system dependent, but typically there are some aspects that come through no matter what you hook them up with, within reason.  For example AudioQuest Hurricane power cords in general have a big and fat sound to them with a bit of exaggerated low end.

I have a Sigma v2 NR demo that Shunyata is kindly preparing for me.  I hope they meet my high expectations and am looking forward to connecting it to my Gryphon Diablo 300 (direct to wall).  

I’m wondering how Transparent Opus gen 6 would compare, but unfortunately I was informed no demos are available now.  One of my semi-local dealers also has removed all Transparent pricing from their website so I’m not sure what is going on - been meaning to call them to ask.  Anyone know if Gen 6 Transparent is readily available now?

Once I’m happy with my PC upgrade for my amp, I am planning to upgrade the to the same for my source equipment and also will add a conditioner from whichever vendor I choose.

For reference I have tried the lower end Transparent Reference power cords before and found them to be, well, transparent.  Clean, distinctive tones, good bass without AudioQuest bloom or exaggeration, and musically engaging (couldn’t say the same for the speaker cable though…).

That said, I am really looking forward to testing the Sigma V2 NR and may just go with Shunyata if it all sounds great, without being able to demo the Opus.

Anyone have any thoughts on the general characteristics of these two great cords?  Not asking which is best as i suspect they are equally great…











No, in my case once I added the demo /used (well broken in) Shunyata Sigma V2 power cord things went backwards in sound quality.

I believe it was mostly due to the power conditioner I am using. (Niagara 7000). Perhaps if the conditioner was a Shunyata things would have been different.


@ozzy, I think your conditioner likely explains it.  I think I’ve seen about 6-7 posts with people saying AQ doesn’t mix with Shunyata when it comes to power cords and conditioners.  Even Shunyata warned me my Niagara 1200 may not be the best with their cord.

I was skeptical about Shunyata IC's but I now use 2 pairs Sigma AES/EBU V1's and they made me a converted. If I can find used IC Sigma V2's, I will grab those as well. IC's  run from my PS Audio DSD/Bridge II to VTL 7.5iii preamp, and pre to my legendary Krell FPB 300cx amp. All get along famously. Neal

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I have several Shunyata V2 Delta powercords in my system. I compared to alpha v2 extensively and heard almost no difference. When I tried Transparent XL powercords I was blown away. Literally doesn’t even compare to Shunyata. IMO Shunyata is overrated. The Transparent was less noise and more music. The Shunyata was grainier and sterile.