Thoughts on the First Watt SIT Amps

Has anyone bought the First Watt SIT amp (either model)? If so, tell us your thoughts compared to previous amps you've had.
Jon ver Halen pointed me to this. In my experience systems where this sort of noise has occurred have high impedance in the source. This is why I have the input buffer option on the SIT amps.
Brawny, you comment on bass from the SIT amp. Yet your Avant Garde speakers uses a plate amp with crossover ranging from 60-350hz. What do you mean by this? Thanks.
I am currently using a sit 2 from Nelson. It's very quiet and very dynamic. I use a tvr for pre amplification. The First few days have been very impressive. It will drive even my 89db bright stars, but shines with the triangles. For jazz I use omega 3s or the Abby's. it has a huge sound stage with well controlled bass and sweet midrange. It seems to work it all sorts of types of music so far.

This is my third amp from Nelson. I have the f5, powerful but slightly dry, the F3 smooth dynamic perfect for jazz with single source or efficient multi driver speakers.

I recommend a trial from Reno Hi Fi, talk to Mark.
I wanted to revive this thread in case anyone had recently auditioned the SIT amps with a good DHT preamp.
Haven't used it with a DHT preamp but have used it with Rogue Audio 99 Super Magnum with Mundorf Supreme Silver/Oil with psvane cv-181 and tj full music and now with a Rogue Audio 99 with the Supreme Silver/Oil Caps(with electroharmonix gold ins). I've owned the Sit-2 for about a year now and it's probably the most transparent amp I have ever owned. Quite impressive really. I can't say the amp has a particular sound in that it will just present exactly what is presented to it. So you really need to pick your front end to taste. you can make it as lush/tubey or as neutral as you want it. What it does convey is detail in spades.