Thoughts on very cheap speaker cables

Hi all,

Has anyone tried speaker cables made as follows:
1. 4 single 12Ft strands of 22 AWG certified OFHC CDA
101 annealed temper copper ($0.25 a foot).
2. Each inserted in pure lowest dielectric woven cotton.
3. Each assembly inserted in lowest dielectric PTFE tubing.
4. The ends will be sealed with a PTFE sealant.
5. About 1" of bare wire will protrude from the sealed
ends, coated with a low dielectric antioxident.
This will provide a twisted pair, held together with shrink wrap, for each B&W803N speaker connected directly to an Aragon 8008bb amp. All thoughts will be greatly appreicated.

Henry Rancourt
Why not just buy some ready-made wires and be done with it? Your proposition sounds like a bunch of work for no good reason...

Agree with RW. After you are done, with all the time and labor invested, the cable you created won't be cheap anymore. Also the result isn't guaranteed. I don't know how many people here are expert cable engineers. I know I am not and I doubt you are either or you won't be looking for opinion here. So unless you are trying to enter cable making business and are researching the possibility, what is the point?
I am not an engineer and have no desire to enter the speaker cable business. My reason is to try to improve the sound of my system with much smaller diameter cables without spending $$$$ for cables. The cables currently in use are XLO reference series type 0.6. The cables I describe will be much smaller, less visible and probably be under $50. The time to make them does not concern me since I am retired and like to tinker. I was hoping to get some responses about the negative or positive aspects of using only 2 22 awg solid wires per channel. That means 4 12ft wires for connecting two stereo speakers.
Not spending a lot of $$$$? What would you expect to spend on your planned cables? Not to mention the time involved.
I think you could find a pair of used cables, maybe with a similar configuration, for less.