thoughts while listening

what thoughts or visual images do you have in your mind as you listen to various types of music.
I have considered posting a thread on this same topic.

I have noticed that what I think about changes according to the type of music I listen to. When I listen to jazz or blues vocalists, for example, I usually imagine the singer in front of me. If the recording has enough ambient cues, I also imagine being in the venue. On the other hand, when I listen to classical, I do NOT usually imagine the performers or the venue. I let my mind wander to the "other worlds" that the music evokes.

The better the music, the less I have verbal thoughts and the more I have purely imagistic thoughts and feelings. Personally, I think the absence of verbal thoughts, and the presence of imagistic thoughts and feelings, is part of why listening to music is so restorative and habit forming.


A guy would have to be dead to not respond to that image of Taylor Swift (I don't even have her music :^).

The other girls are all in my library and I sincerely love them for their talent and the images they put in my head.

When I listen to classical music, I am in the audience in the perfect seat. When listening to Jazz I am in the club. But when I listen to pop/rock/soul I am in the MEXICANA BAR in Frankfurt, Germany in 1968! :)
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