Three Classical Sacd's on a desert island

If you could only take 3 Sacd's or 3 Cd's to a desert island for the rest of your life what three would you take?
Only 3? Very difficult and unfair. I guess it would be:

1. Mahler Symphony no.2, probably the Bernstein version, though on SACD it would be Litton/DSO or Tilson-Thomas/SFO

2. Bach--Brandenbergs, as Warren--probably Pinnock's version. Always need Bach.

3. Durufle and Faure Requiems (Shaw's old Telarc version, which has both of them).

This list could change daily, of course.
For the sake of tossing three out there which I think are great and are currently at the top of the "recently played" pile (and which have tended to stay up there despite owning them for a few years...)

1) Benjamin Britten - Suites for Violoncello, played by Peter Wispelwey (Channel Classics)

2) Prieres sans Paroles - French Music for Organ and Trumpet Hardenberger & Preston (Bis)

3) Bach's Goldberg Variations, played by Glenn Gould (Sony)

And Three Jazz Favorites (I know, I'm cheating)
5 By Monk By 5, Waltz for Debby, Cookin', and all the others I can squeeze into 3 jewelcases after I take the innards out...