Thrift Store Vinyl Finds

I often go to Half Price Books, Savers, and sometimes Goodwill to see what vinyl I might find. Savers and Goodwill almost never have anything good, but Half Price Books has yielded a few gems. Tonight I found a copy of James Taylor's Greatest Hits in near mint condition for $2.99 and Tony Joe White's Homemade Ice Cream in good condition also for $2.99. Surprisingly good clean quiet vinyl for almost nothing. I have also found many of the Vinyl Lovers record label pressings still sealed at HPB for not much money. This label, in case you don't know, does an impeccable job with their pressings. Just about everything I have on this label is amongst the best vinyl I have ever owned. Just amazing.
What are your sweet bargain finds?
Half Price Books seems to be catching on to pricing and rarely under price anything by much very often. Occasionally they miss one though. Off hand, I remember finding a NM Colgems Casino Royale for $2.98. I also found a nice copy of Highway 61 Revisited for $16 which I recognized to be the rare version with the alternate take of From a Buick 6. This version's probably worth anywhere from $100-$300.
Recently found thrifty gems:
Brubeck red hot and cool mono
Bill Evans waltz for Debby.
Zappa live at the Roxy
Lots of Leon Russell
Steve cropper
All in need of serious Spinclean treatment
Now the bad news. My local goodwill recently cranked up vinyl prices to
3.99, 5.99, and 7.99. Go figure.