Tidal FLAC vs. Qobuz

Does the recent change by Tidal, from MQA to FLAC make Tidal the better choice for streaming?  Or, since Tidal only seems to offer FLAC on its own app and not the BluOS defeat the purpose since you need to transmit by Bluetooth instead of ethernet?  

Currently, I stream from Tidal over direct ethernet cable to a Bluesound Vault streamer, to a McIntosh amp and Revel speakers.  I have a trial membership to  Qobuz but I find Tidal has a much better catalog.  Since Tidal added Flac I thought it would be the obvious choice moving forward, but isn't the point of FLAC defeated since you need to send wirelessly from the Tidal app over Bluetooth?


@p05129  Can you tell me the program you used to transfer your Tidal library to Qobuz

It’s been a while since I did this. When I signed up for Qobuz, Qobuz asked if I needed to convert from tidal and when I said yes, they gave me access to this program. I’ll see if I can find this program.

Soundiiz can transfer playlists between services, though it didn't work that well for me. There's a fee for large playlists.