Tidal FLAC vs. Qobuz

Does the recent change by Tidal, from MQA to FLAC make Tidal the better choice for streaming?  Or, since Tidal only seems to offer FLAC on its own app and not the BluOS defeat the purpose since you need to transmit by Bluetooth instead of ethernet?  

Currently, I stream from Tidal over direct ethernet cable to a Bluesound Vault streamer, to a McIntosh amp and Revel speakers.  I have a trial membership to  Qobuz but I find Tidal has a much better catalog.  Since Tidal added Flac I thought it would be the obvious choice moving forward, but isn't the point of FLAC defeated since you need to send wirelessly from the Tidal app over Bluetooth?


Why does anybody like blusound??

The interface is hardly helpful and difficult to work with and is not as good as going to the source like tidal or qobuz.

It's just an interface that's poorly designed. Personally I prefer roon.



I too would still be with Tidal if they hadn’t cold-cocked us with dropping the Best Buy annual membership mid year and made us subscribe at twice the monthly price for Hi-Res.  I drop-kicked Tidal’s plan, signed up for a year with Quboz, transferred all my music using third party software that I had to pay for 1 month.  Tidal had much more music I listen to and the sound quality is the same on like file levels. After a cooling off period I may have to sign up for Tidal reg plan just to get access to songs Quboz does not offer.  I have lifetime Roon so integration of the two is excellent.  Grrrrrr!

That’s what I’m doing while having the Roon lifetime subscription:

Tidal HiFi (regular) CD Quality at $10.99 for their 100 million tracks.

Qoboz Studio (Hi-Res) at $10.82 for their 424,000 Hi-Res tracks.

vs Tidal Hi-Fi Plus at $19.99 for their 100 million CD quality and 25,000 Hi-Res tracks ($1.83 difference w/out taxes in comparison to above). 

Like some of the previous users here, I’ve found Qoboz falling short on a few of the artists and their tracks I enjoy. Tidal seems to have a much higher success rate, but then again, some of the sub genres I listen to are pretty “eclectic.”

When I was younger making minimum wage I remember spending $16-$20 for a CD album - sometimes three or more per month. $20 now for both Tidal and Qoboz seems like a pretty good deal IMHO. Even if I only make $2 more than minimum wage :)

I believe Qobuz pays artists more than Tidal. The majority owner of Tidal is also Block inc which does not deserve my appreciation. That and the rap are reasons to avoid Tidal.  


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