Tidal is corrupt

I PAID for their service with my credit card, they charged me for the high end service and CANCELLED my account. its incredibly hard to find how to send them email where they promise a answer in 3 days. their phone number only refers you to their website. not a provider I can recommend despite of their good reputation. YUK. ( was this a one time mistake???) 
I think it's a one-time mistake.
Tidal is an ongoing mistake perpetuated by an unavoidable farce that is MQA. 

Based on my admittedly short (so far) trial of Qobuz I can recommend them pretty enthusiastically. If you use Roon it's a no-brainer as the integration of Qobuz streaming with your existing collection is seamless and synergistic. But even if you don't use Roon Qobuz is still excellent. Their quality is the best I've heard in a streaming service and the depth of their library is impressive.