Best Buy is offering today only, (it's one of their deals of the day) a year of TIDAL Hi-Fi for just $49.99!


What a great deal.  Not affiliated in any way...
This sounds like a good deal.   I'm current Tidal HiFi subscriber at $19.99/month.  Does anyone know if I can apply this discount to my existing Tidal account?   or do I have to start a new account and cancel my existing one?

Thanks very much.
I bought one but am a current subsciber on the month to month. Here is what you must do.


TIDAL Support (TIDAL) 

Jan 20, 2021, 9:41 AM EST 


Thank you for reaching out to TIDAL. My name is Nancy and I will be happy to help you with your Best Buy promotion.

The Best Buy promotion can only be added to inactive accounts.

You have two options:

1- You can keep the same account xxxx, but you will lose the remaining time that you have paid for. I would need to deactivate it then we can apply the promotion. (if you chose this option please send your best buy code so we can apply it).

2- You can create a new account with a different username and apply the Best Buy promotion. To avoid double billing you will need to cancel the previous account. We can help you transfer all your playlists and favorites to this new account.

Please let us know which option you choose.

Best Regards,

Great.  Thanks @jmbumgarner01.   I'm actually going through this exercise right now.   I wanted to choose option 1, but not sure if I'm going to lose all my favorites.   I'm waiting to hear back from Tidal.

I'm curious which option did you choose?  if option 1, did you get to keep all your existing favorites?