Tidal or Qobuz

Many say Qobuz sounds better than Tidal, not Jay. 

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viRfrUktBY - 3:58 to 6:42



Qobuz. Sound is slightly better and they have about 1/2 million high resolution albums versus fifty thousand or so for Tidal. 

I used to have both services. But, I compared multiple track of the same album (same provenance) on Tidal and Qobuz and found the latter to sound better. There are some tracks on Tidal that are not on Qobuz that I wish I had access to, but Qobuz sounds better, and has more than enough. Plus I found Tidal’s hip hop centric recommendations and playlists not to my liking. Nothing against the genre, but I’m more of a classical, jazz, and acoustic/folk fan. Qobuz for me.


MQA is simply unlistenable (to me). Heard enough of that in one night to last a lifetime and switched immediately to Qobuz. Conductor control app can be a pain, but the SQ, not to mention the breadth of catalogue . . .  no other streaming service (in my experience) comes close.

I have both, and I  find Qobuz to be slightly better. Honestly, if someone preferred the tidal interface, I'm not sure the difference that I hear would be decisive, at least, until you get it into your head that one is better than the other.
then, confirmation bias kicks in