Tidal or Qobuz

Many say Qobuz sounds better than Tidal, not Jay. 

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viRfrUktBY - 3:58 to 6:42



I pretty much agree with most about the difference between QoBuz and Tidal with QoBuz having slightly higher quality, same recording for same recording.  Both are good sources however after extensive listening to my favorite and familiar recordings, QoBuz seems to win out...  

Both excellent.  User interfaces and auto playlist algorithms are very different.  Qobuz interface and algorithms get me further out of my comfort zone and into newer recordings and artists. Tidal, less so. I use both to keep my listening fresh.

I completely disagree with Jay.  But I like his wall of speakers.

To my ears there is an obvious difference streaming thru an Innuos Nextgen Statement and the InnuOS Sense app. 

Qobuz is much closer to ripped files and is richer and more detailed than Tidal.

tidal uses MQA which really sucks because they crop out some of the upper and lower frequency and compress some of the quality of the sound. It's horrifying to use tidal because of this. Qobuz pure uncompress sound.

Although playlists are not so good on qobuz.

Spotify surprisingly has the best playlists and their interface is very nice but the quality sucks and we all know its really quite sad it is. 

roon is a nice thing to use to act as a host to qobuz as it provides a lot of commentary related to albums as part of its interface. I was able to import Spotify playlists into roon and that was a worthwhile thing to doAlthough the interface at times is kind of annoying only because they're not using humans when they design they use chimpanzees who really don't know what they're doing.