Tidal Speakers owners

Could you please write your impressions about the Tidal speakers you currently own ? I will probably buy the Tidal Piano Cera in the near future so I would appreciate your feedback...

i heard the new jmlab focal scala at the last ces show in las vegas,with boulder electronics-- fantastic sound!
a few years ago i owned the nova utopia be,(and progressed to the grand utopia be later on), so i'm familiar with jmlab's sound and appraoch. they have certainly pushed the envelope with their latest offerings.... but than there's tidal, which , in my expereince, has gone further then most speakers out there in reproducing sound ever so accurately, both in timber and texture.again ,just my prospective.....
Kw13. I sorry I should have clarified. My speakers are from WLM, not Focal. They are the WLM La Scala's. The WLM La Scalas are 5,000 new, quite bit cheaper than the Piano's.

In regards to the performance on genres like pop/rock. I have not done any comparisons with the other Tidal speakers. All I can tell you at this point is Jorn, the designer at Tidal listens to this genre, and he is keeping the Piano Classic in his system. He can have anything in the Tidal lineup he wants, but as he told me and the dealer via email, the Piano Classic is the right fit for him in his room and the type of music he listens too. I wanted the Piano Cera, it was newer and better overall. I mean it is the better speaker, Jorn admitted that, but he thought for me, it was not the best recommendation base on the info I gave him. I took the recommendation from the designer seriously and went with the Classic. He basically said it does a better job of making music out the not so good recordings in the pop/rock genre whereas the other models will show the sins. Like I said, I did not hear the others models in the lineup so for all I know they do a wonderful job if not better. Maybe others can comment, but I would not be surprise me if most Tidal users listen to the other genres that typically have better sounding recordings.
I made a mistake of reading this tread in the first plance and committed a sin by following from the start till now. I was initally thinking about upgrading from Focal Diablo to Scala or MBL 116F which I ruled it out yesterday due to room size (13' x 20'). Now, I have to seriously think about auditioning the Piano Cera so that I won't have to regret later on.

Very interesting treads.

....lucky boy...don't do it!!!..you'll never go back!!!! happened to me...now i'm waiting for a pair of contriva diacera-ses after hearing the piano ceras...best line of speakers i have heard in > 20 years...they get music right...
Calloway, I can best you. In my over 45 years as an audiophile and trying everything from Klipshhorns, Lowthers, Infinity ServoStatics, Apogees, SoundLabs, Dayton Wrights, Avantegardes, Acapellas, JPLs, and Altecs and concluding that all were compromises, I have found the most real speaker.