Tidal Speakers owners

Could you please write your impressions about the Tidal speakers you currently own ? I will probably buy the Tidal Piano Cera in the near future so I would appreciate your feedback...
husk01...doug white of 'thevoicethatis.com' is where i bought my contriva diacera-ses from..he is a great guy.....they are scheduled for delivery the week of july 12th ..can't wait..
i have not had a chance to hear any of the tidal speakers prior to getting my sunrays. i bought them ""blindly", on faith, if you will.
i later learned that out of the 23-25 sunrays out there , most owners bought them without ever listening to them. no one has ever returned them back........:~))).
i also considerd at the time the lansche 8.1, the jmlab gu em,eggleston savoy,and the rockport arrakis.(not necessarly in this order of priority).
to me, the sunrays offer all of the above's attributes and much more.

Interesting you asked. I was planning to ask you about the differences between the Scala and the Piano in about two months after you get a chance to listen to the Piano.

I have not listened to them side by side. As a matter of fact, I have not listened to the Tidal speakers at all. The first time I heard of Tidal speakers was about a year ago from Linkster, I believed. He spoke very highly of the Amea speakers when I was in the process of changing my SF Memento speakers to Diablo. So, a couple of months ago, I saw this thread and decided to find out what they are all about and have been hooked since. There are about 10 participants in the thread and all of them think very higly of them. Now, I can't go back. I have to listen to them to find out for myself if they are indeed that great.

Thanks to all who contribute to this thread.

There is so much gushing over this brand that I am hugely interested in hearing them. However their presence in and around NYC is nill, providing little access. Because of this I can't help but be leery that this is a "speaker of the month" type of praise, mainly contributed to by the small number of owners who spent a lot of money on them.

I know I'm no being fair until I can hear them myself, but at this pice it is amazing that so many bought them unheard. Hopefully their presence will expand here in the US so we can make our own informed decisions.

In the meantime, I envy every current owners satisfaction with their sound. It is a truly nice thing to just sit back and say "this is amazing and as good as it's gonna get".

I agree Ptmconsulting, it is always so refreshing seeing people 100% satisifed with what they have! ;)

Happy Listening,