Tidal Speakers owners

Could you please write your impressions about the Tidal speakers you currently own ? I will probably buy the Tidal Piano Cera in the near future so I would appreciate your feedback...
Kw13 re your second audition,
"Went back for second audition. This time Contriva not as impressive. The stand out vacal in first audition a few weeks ago was gone. Still very enjoyable but not much more special than any other high end pair. Dealer said he had optimized speaker position. More suited to classical music."

Just a thought - Seems to me here that the dealer might have moved the speakers a tad too far apart in hoping to achieve more 'grandness' (to capture better/larger orchestral presentation/scale). However, at the cost of sacrificing some center image fill, hence, loosing that sense of vocal immediacy and illuminated palpability you experienced during your first.

Perhaps you're right which would make speakers very sensitive to positioning. Music was still very good but not memorable. First audition tho was and lingers.

Went back to listen to Piano this time. Finally had arrived. Burned in with I believe over 400hrs. Hooked up with an assortment of gears: pass lab massive monoblocks, top moon pre amp and escoteric cdp with digital out into a 1500usd dac. Sound was anything but memorable. Held back. Not engaging. Lots of low and high details but one dimensional. Was packing up my cds after an hour or so. Then dealer suggested I listened via his server (macbook + DAC via usb). System came alive. Piano managed to do something similar but not quite what contriva had done on hi res tracks. We then burned Dr Hook and streamed it. But it did not approach what I heard on contriva with esoteric. Leaves me to conclude either get contriva or something else. Likely go back for final audition between scala and piano (dealer believes he needs to optimize as he agreed a few thngs were not right about the sound) as I would dread to spend 60k on speakers to make contriva regardless of performance a real option. Visually piano a stunner. Preferred them to contriva easily. Looks probably better than my cremona m. Exudes authority and class. A bit taller and wider than cremona m.

Just want to confirm that you listened to the Piano Dicera. Also, if you have to get a pair today, which ones would you get, the Scala or the Piano? Speaking of Scala, did you compare them to Revel Salon2?

My Tidal Piano Cera finally arrived! I am still in awe from the sound quality, stay tuned for listening impressions! Super clean and accurate, super fast and musical at the same time!

I have removed the StillPoints Component stands from my Contrivas and replace them with four new StillPoints Ultimate feet in stainless steel. There was a major improvement in the soundstage and bass. I have never installed the stands that came with the Contrivas.

These StillPoints Ultimate SSs are amazing but I only have 12 with 8 going under the Contrivas and three under my Oppo 83 moded by Exemplar.