Tim de Paravicini passed away.....

The grand master of the high-end world passed away... a genius!!! World famous for the beautiful Ear high-end products and a lot of other things... We gonna miss him!! RIP. 
Sad news.

Tim was another one of those larger than life characters in audio.

Unafraid to speak his mind and opinions.

A Beatles enthusiast too.
First Roger Modjeski, and now Paravicini. Both masters of the science and art of tube amplifier design, and both routinely ignored by the vast majority of high end consumers. Not by myself: my hi-fi collection includes an EAR-Yoshino pre-amp and three Music Reference power amps.
And I am in agreement.  I have RM5 pre amp and RM9SE power amp, driving my Vandersteen 5As.  
And a slew of Mobile Fidelity recordings made better by his work on recording chain accuracy and musicality - RIP Tim, hopefully you and Roger can work with the elder Marsallis on the HiFi in Heaven...
I believe Tim is also responsible for the tube electronics in Kav Alexander's recorder, heard in his fantastic Water Lily Records albums. Kav uses Modjeski's RAM Tubes in his equipment.