Time for the Dynaco to go, Affordable Integrated or Separates for Wilson's Under $2.5K?

Hi Everyone can it be done?, At the recommendation of a few nice members here, I decided to head in a different direction and find Pre-Owned separates or a nice integrated for my Wilson Audio Watt3/Puppy 2’s. The room is 20x25 but I stit close and do not play loud, I live in a Condo. I am replacing Dynaco MK3’s and like a Musical non-Analytical sound. I am like the idea of VTL, Mcintosh, Rogue, Hegel, and AR. But open to anything. The problem is my budget. How the heck am I going to make Wilson’s sing with so little cabbage. I would like to spend up to $1,000 for the Pre and $2,000 for the Amp. The less the better. Or under $2,000 for an integrated. I have no idea why I want to spend less on an integrated. HELP, I can’t decide. The members here are awesome! Kind and willing to help. All your experience is greatly appreciated!! John
The "Manley Laboratories", "Stingray", would fit your bill. It's the ONLY integrated amp I would own personally. A great and "Award-winning", pre-section, built into an articulate and powerful, two-channel, tube amp. You can find them used/mint for about $1800. I was so impressed that I bought two!
 I prefer the older models without the "Dock". 
Hee hee, And the remote?  It isn't "Built like a tank". It "IS" a tank!
 You would have enough left over for a decent set of new valves as well!
Plus, "It really does look like an alien spacecraft"! 
(Pointed out repeatedly by a neighbors child)!
 Or from above a "Stingray", per it's namesake!
 Hmm, How come the "Snapper", and "Ahi" amps don't look like...….
OP: If you haven’t purchased anything I would strongly suggest that you consider the Luxman L-505-uXii. I sure that you can find a new one for $3600 or so. It’s a little over budget but it will be something to live with a long time. Might even find a used one. Another choice is the Krell Vanguard integrated amp used. I think overall the Luxman is the better choice. FWIW
@millercarbon - thanks for the Raven Nighthawk referral - I'll add to my radar
@willgolf - thanks for backing up @millercarbon Raven Nighthawk referral - multiple voices increases credibility beyond a single often subjective opinion

Most audiophiles start with modest systems then gradually over time purchase/trade up.  But for me high-end audio is a bucket list item that I started working on starting in 2016 since I'm north of the century mark.  My goal was biggest bang for the buck while maximizing sound quality.  I've combed through all the Stereophile and TAS component recommendations and extensively through online reviews and forums.  I've also checked out local and not so local audio stores and a few audio shows. 
Because I'm analytical and a bit OCD, I've created an extensive 100+ tab spreadsheet of audio components with my research findings (stats, notes, review sources...) including a tab for Integrated Amps ranging from $700 to $50k. 
PM me if you want a copy of this Integrated Amp tab or the entire spreadsheet.

For $2-3k:
I agree that getting an integrated not only saves you from extra cabling expense, it's cheaper to make than separates and thus the vast majority of times is the best bang-for-buck.  However, don't rule out separates because you may find that super rare deal.  
I believe your "all-or-nothing" mentality is causing you stress. I suggest buying used so you can sell/trade with minimal $ spent and allows you to try different components which could be essential to your sonic bliss.
One used separate that I'll recommend based on numerous online reviews and which I saw a a few audio shows is the Audio Alchemy (now under Elac Alchemy) DDP1 Preamp + DPA1 Amp designed by Peter Madnick of Constellation Audio fame.   Whether or not you need, the DDP1 Preamp has a built in decent (for the $) DAC and if desired, you can upgrade the sound with the optional PS-5 Power Supply.

Although @millercarbon (whose posts I've often read and respect based on his knowledge and experience) Raven Nighthawk would likely get you excellent results, at 20wpc would not scratch your "is higher power better?" itch.  I suggest you buy used so you can try out several "high power amps" to see what your speakers would do and if you like the sound/change.  Your path may even eventually lead you towards a Raven Nighthawk.

Good luck on your audio journey.

The EL-34 VTL is super sweet and can be found around $2.5 k
the Rogues as  others mentioned, including new Magnum at $3k and used below that
with your heritage amps you might also find it easy to go with Van Alstine... no bling, direct sale model, rock solid service and reliability and fantastic value
Odyssy makes a very fine SS integrated right in your budget, Klaus is enigmatic but really knows his stuff and great sound... very Bullet proof and an upgrade path if you so choose...

iF you want a tech with great ears to go thru your old gear, Mike Samra of Saginaw is superb.

have fun, enjoy the journey and the music