Time of Day for best Sound

I've always felt my system sounded best at night, but the last couple months, it seems to me that my system is sounding better during the daytime even on a Saturday.

Has anyone belonging to the "My system sounds better certain times of the day" club noticed this change?

Not a big deal but I find it curious. And theres no need to debate the reality of the general idea, just wondering if someone else feels this has happened.


For the record I have been using a dedicated 20 Amp feed.


@digsmithd Low level definitely best. I have become a low listener exclusively since acquiring Hersey IV. I seem to have lost headroom, probably because I switched to the Long wall because it worked better for the H4’s. No matter, Low is great. and when I say low, ... it’s not that low, but not up to 11.


For the record, I'm at about 80db...would that be considered low?

"it’s not that low, but not up to 11."...i have no db meter.Smaller room 9 is fine from 200 watt integrated.

For me over the decades it is at night…after 11PM… particularly Sunday night. 

My belief is a more stable power grid and reduction in vibrations as no truck of car traffic. 


So, you haven't heard that change? Maybe for some weird reason, its my new speakers...must be