Time of Day for best Sound

I've always felt my system sounded best at night, but the last couple months, it seems to me that my system is sounding better during the daytime even on a Saturday.

Has anyone belonging to the "My system sounds better certain times of the day" club noticed this change?

Not a big deal but I find it curious. And theres no need to debate the reality of the general idea, just wondering if someone else feels this has happened.


For the record I have been using a dedicated 20 Amp feed.


Right now!

The weather has cooled down and all the AC units aren’t running and the kiddos are in school.

It is rare that this is needed, but you may benefit from monitoring the incoming AC voltage, if you use a power conditioner put it after that.


See if the voltage really is changing when you hear a difference, and monitor the N-E to make sure it stays low.

If you see either changing a lot that may be either a problem or a need for a regulator. That unit is $20, btw. :)

While I do use 100% Furmans, what I didn’t mention in this thread is that I use a Furman wiht AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation). It doesn’t do much here, but in past gigs in apartments it was often active. That feature is expensive as it requires big iron, and sometimes has mechanical hum, so I don’t necessarily recommend it for everyone.

Now that I think about it, that unit was more active in late Spring than it is now.  Could be that they've improved the power delivery and I didn't even know it. :)

Nope.  It really depends on the mood in TOD, not the electricity.  I live in the 10 mile range of power plant in a SF home and the electricity is relatively clean already.  I do have power conditioner (by Monster) installed but, honestly, with it or without it my listening joyment is pretty much the same.