Time/Process of Hooking up New Equipment

Does anyone else ever felt this way?  My new amp arrived with cables and I want to wait until the weekend to hook it up.  I don't want to rush through it after work when it is dark and I am tired - almost rushing to get through it.  I want to make it a longer event and have time to listen to my existing system, then do the work to hook it up (a bit of a pain) and then rest and have time to listen to the new amp.  Maybe stretch out the fun and be fresh on a Saturday morning.  What is everyone's timing / process for installing new gear and the before and after listening?  




Yes, no mater how many times I relearn that you must let a component break in… I sometimes have to learn again. But it is hard to wait a couple hundred hours. 

Your wife is hearing high frequency hash that you cannot hear. As the amp calms down that will go away… try to keep her away for at least the first 150 hours.

@ghdprentice , like send her off to the in-laws (if still available) or off with girlfriends on a cruise?

It works, but...the results vary, as will yours. *L*

Mine hasn't come home with a shirt labeled "My Favorite Mistake!" yet, but I generally get Something....that can be worn in public..... ;)

*damn* *L*

At this stage of my game, any adds or subtracts require a weekend and a schematic of what and where to.  Unlacing takes a few hours, and that's with wire cutters; I like my backsides' as neat as the front as possible.

The only noise I tolerate is the cooling fans, and they're noted to upgrade.  I try to achieve as black an enviroment as can be done practically. -20ish is easy....

My 'rack' (there's one within it, too) has to be moved by 2...empty, major mods only.

Any adds or deletes have been considered and plotted upon.

I require a weekend, pref. a 3 day version.

Burn-in? 24/7, no problem, just the volume.  We don't sleep near it.
Spouse can sleep through more 'normal' noise, lucky me....*L*

Plenty of time when all is said 'n done to enjoy...or begin to doubt... ;)

I just brought home an amplifier from the shop tonight. It's about 52 degrees outside. 70 in the house. I'll hook the amp up tomorrow. Condensation can fry things in a heartbeat. I take no chances and wait a day.

@toddsyr Giving components time to settle part of my reasoning for generally waiting until at least next day for first listening. Shipping and temperature certainly affect precision parts.