time to change tt's

Hi everyone, I am using a michell gyro se with an Origin Live Silver with the twl mod and a Transfiguration spirit cartridge.
The rest of the system consist of a Music Reference rm9 mkll and an audio research sp9 mklll mods by Great Northern Sound with Cardas interconnects and power cable. The speakers are Vandersteen 2ce's.
I would like to upgrade the source either by upgrading my current tt or purchasing another one. I am looking for suggestions as I have no experience with another tt.
The technoarm was designed around the Michell tables. I owned a gyro and passed it own to my daughter who still rocks with it. I do like the nonsuspended table but the gyro is a very credible table for the money. You might consider the technoarm or one of the SME arms.
lateral move. Emphasis on 'at best'. It's no more than HP's latest marketing effort to ride whatever wave the audio blogs are surfing at any given moment.

I'd suggest an idler, preferably a Garrard 301/401 (around 1k) if you can do some diy. Otherwise, you can take a stab at a non-suspended-belt-drive-made-by-VPI by purchasing a used Scout. Good sonics, you can get out of it for whatever you put in, but it will still have the crappy, coggy Hurst motor (forget ever trying to implement tape drive with that thing) and you'll need an SDS to really make it work (same for the 'Classic', btw, or in fact any VPI deck).

Or, take Raul's advice-the deck you've got ain't chopped liver, and in fact, if you've got the scratch to 'lend' yourself for a few weeks, you could do the 'Scout' purchase and compare in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Anyway, have fun.
The post above was meant to begin with 'Buying a 'Classic' would be, at best, a...'
Are you dissatisfied with the basic sound of the Gyro? The upgrades do bring it up to a high level, but are only worth it if you are already happy with the basic sound.

The standard upgrades are the Orbe clamp, the tonearm decoupler, the Orbe platter, and the HR PSU. The first two are cheap to order from Analogue Seduction in the UK. The Orbe platter comes with the Orbe clamp, or you can just order the clamp, which is what I opted to do.

The PSU is a big improvement in background quietness, bass, and speed stability. I got mine for $500 on ebay, and to be honest the current import price of $900 would probably have scared me away. (To be fair, the VPI SDS is even more expensive, though it is fancier.) I believe the PSU only needs a different fuse (T1A) for 120V operation, but I'm not sure about that.

I would also get a good speed tester like the KAB SpeedStrobe.
Thanks to all who posted the valuble info, insights etc.
My system has served me trouble and allowed me the luxury of enjoying the music. I just replaced the ac motor with the new dc motor so I am looking to freshen thing up. With the info you have given me I can make an informed conclusion.