Time to Clamp Down

I have several record clamps that I use with my turntables, but I have a Thorens TD-160 with a spindle that is too short for a clamp to 'grab'. I have a very heavy turntable/record weight that probably weighs around 24 ounces, quite heavy. I would have no problem using that on one of my direct-drive tables, but I am skittish about using it on the belt-drive TD-160. Logic tells me it would put an extra-heavy load on the motor, causing undue wear.....is that a valid concern or not? The spindle clears the record just enough for this monster weight to work and right now it's my only option.
My clamp is 224 grams will grab any nub that protudes over the record.
I say that you have NOT exhausted all options.
Thanks for the responses....I believe there are something like 454 grams in a pound and if Pro-Ject marketed a weight of 700-800 grams, I should have no real concerns over this weight on my Thorens. It probably falls within thatrange....I bought it to use with my Denon DP-72L, but have to leave the dustcover in the up position to use it due to lack of clearance. It fits fine on my TD-160.
I meant options as far as what I have on-hand already, fuzztone. I have a couple of Record Doctor clamps which would probably work, but you have to install a doughnut at the spindle base to go with the clamp and I'm definitely not going down that road (removing the doughnut from one table to use on another table). I work hard enough threading my RTR tapes as it is, LOL.
I use an HRS record weight and outer ring weight on my Clearaudio TT with no extra wear