Time to move UP, speaker-wise...

My vandersteen 2ci’s dropped dead after a couple decades of sweet service. Over the past year, I’ve had mixed success with a pair of reference premier Klipsch speakers, but now I’m wanting something a far more subtle, perhaps a touch more sweet, and definitely able to reveal more sound-field information. Perhaps I’m being redundant... I’ve been intrigued by the open baffle concept and I’ve read some reviews on Spatial Audio products as well as Tekton’s open baffle offering. There are fans of the spatial, and then I discovered there are people that are blown away by the Tekton open baffle design. Tekton is also running a special on the Electron SE @$3000, which I feel inclined to try... Another area of interest is the Ohm speaker lineup... can any of you speak to them, and particularly how they compare to Klipsch Heritage speakers, or open baffle designs, or Tekton's...?

I have to say, I’m die-hard for the musical information, for the layers of musical fabric. Wolf_garcia claims the heresy III is the best $1500 he ever spent, in a discussion addressing open-baffle designs, among others, and so I’m wondering where to put my bills... What should I check out? It’s time to move up. I’m thinking $3300 is about my limit... I’m running 80 watts per channel from the nuforce sta200, a schitt saga pre, Cambridge transport.

For the OP, I’m just trying to help here and I have been where you are

You are getting many recommendations for speakers but @listening99 maybe I missed something but could you please list your system? Amplification type and power? Without it IMO all this is sort of blind advice.

And looking at the big picture really if you had the vandys for 2 decades and you lived 2 years with klipsch reference, before getting anything I would wait 3 months, follow @shkong78 proposal and visit axpona 2020 to listen to the speaker list you could get from this thread. Prepare your playlist of well known musical program in advance and take it with you, at audio shows audio manufacturers will play carefully selected source content well mixed by good audio engineers that will sound good in "their systems" but it may not correlate to your music preferences.

Also during at after axpona you could go to audiogon and check for all the used speakers on sale from people who just purchased new speakers at axpona, you will be able to find quite a few.

And like @audionoobie stated don’t make the mistake of purchasing without listening first, especially speakers.

Last but not least consider in your decision your room size, shape, ceiling height, floor/wall materials (tile, wood, carpet?) some speakers you could adjust and tune the room response

Although your budget (these days) won’t allow too many choices enjoy the process, it could be exciting.

Now that I think of it you will incur in an extra expense with axpona, there is a Florida audio show before maybe closer to where you live but it is really a very small venue, this is their second year don’t know if it will be bigger this time. Regardless, even with the expense I think is still worth it going to an audio show.

+1 for listening with your own ears.  
For your researching consider ATC.  I have the SCM 11 v2 from Music Direct.  I think I paid around $2000 or so.  The SCM 19 are higher up the chain.  Used they should be your price range.  
Two comments made in your orig post that drove me to this recommendation- your nuforce digital amp and sound field detail.  On the first point, I have a Wyred 4 Sound digital power driving my ATCs and have really enjoyed the combo.  Second, ATCs are known for the characteristics you’re describing.  Reading reviews, you’ll notice those words you used in your post used in the reviews.  
Happy hunting!
joshelston is quite right about ATC. Only problem is you may
lose 1/2 your media due to inadequate recording quality
making them unlistenable.

Nobody mentioned Sonus Faber's Venere line. Last month I listened
to a pair of used standmounts by SF vs the G.E.One? SF was better
but $1,700 vs $900 if memory serves.

These costs are well under your $3k budget. The sound is far more musical than the other brands you have been reading about.

The British have it way over the US in terms of great sound.

I need to make a correction from above. The Nuforce STA 200 is not a digital amp. It is an AB amp, producing 80wpc, into an 8 ohm load. It uses the same circuit as the JOB, developed by, created by, and licensed by, Goldmund. Lots of available reading material available on the net, which, is mostly positive. Enjoy ! MrD.