Time to upgrade McIntosh MX135, maybe.

i have a very old McIntosh MX135 for my home theater which takes care of all the sound, HDMI is done through the McIntosh VP1000.
The MX135 has a C46 stereo circuitry which I love.
When I’m not using it as a Home Theater, The MX135 produces  the stereo sound I’m after.
I am not doing Atmos, and TrueHD is done internally in the Blu-ray player to its analog outputs.For my budget, the MX121 was the answer, until I read that it’s just a Marantz and the stereo section is not even as good as the MX119 (c45)
Is the MX150 any better?
Or if I can live without hdmi on the Pre/pro just leave it alone?
thank you!
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I have an almost as old MX136 that I use as my main pre/pro on my HT system. I use an Oppo 105D now and have used a 205 with it. I have the HDMI from the Oppo  going directly into my projector and the audio going into the Mx136. It sounds and looks fantastic without needing to get another pre/pro. I have had many Oppo's connected in this way from the 83 to the 205. When I updated the Oppo everything update without needing to purchase another pre/pro. Not sure what my next upgrade will be in the future since there are no more Oppo's being made.
I had a Marantz for a very short time in another system and for me it wasn't even close to the sound quality of the MX120 that replaced it or the MX121 that I have now. Writing this down makes me think that I may change things around to often. Just my 2 cents.