I submitted kinda a cocky post, concerning my tinnitus and received a very informative post, from if I remember correctly, an MD suggesting I may also want to check to see if I am experiencing a related or different malady.  I have searched, but can not find the recommendation.  If whomever sent this to me is also reading this, please tell me again.  I will greatly appreciate it.  The original post was in Jan of 2018
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The Mayo is always the best reference. I suffer from tinnitus. Could the disorder you're thinking of be Meniere's disease?
 The dental related cause is TMJ. I was checked for both, mine was caused by a virus.
Thanks fellows.  Yes-I did see the Mayo Clinic info.  Don't think it's Menier's disease.  I'm not dizzy and it's in both ears.  On a scale of one to ten, guess it's about a 3-4.  If you've ever been around a gun shot or firework explosion, in close proximity, you know that ringing in your ears that eventually goes away.  I've been around both when young and dumb.  My problem is-it never goes away.  It hasn't interfered with my music listening, but does with multiple conversations going on and some TV dialog.

@handymann  have you been examined by an ENT? Ever had a hearing test by an audiologist?
I'm glad I did since they were able to reduce my tinnitus episodes.

Steve (Handymann), I think you may be referring to hyperacusis.  And to posts by member "Giri," a neurologist who mentioned that disorder in two posts in the following thread:


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