Tiny bridges everywhere, but why?

As I am getting closer to my first "complete" system, I am starting to research and get opinions on smaller tweaks. The cherries on top, so to speak. The term "smaller" covers the size, cost and possible impact to SQ. 

I do not know what they are called but I am seeing all sorts of devices holding up cables. Don't know why but they remind me of Navy Seals running out of the ocean with a telephone pole over their shoulder...

Thanks to this forum I have learned that everything in some way impacts SQ, so whatever these thingamabobs are called, do they impact SQ or are they a form of cable management? Both? Do materials matter? Am I going to have to splurge on rosewood versions treated with stain containing ash from one of Jerry Garcia's guitars, or could I use old shoes for now to accomplish whatever mission these fulfill?

I could have Googled this topic, but I want to hear from you - Your experience, choices, etc. 
Ugh, the lifting cable thing yet again...its a bunch of bull, it will do nothing to improve sound. Some here are dillusional. Also, most people that want to survive a marriage are not going to have an erector set of cabling all over the freakin living room! Most normal people have the cable along baseboards and under entertainment centers or stereo cabinets etc...
I made 8 blocks from 2X4’s to keep the speaker wires off the floor on my basement system.  Haven’t done anything yet on the new system yet.

All the best.

I don’t know the technical terms used for elevating your cables from the floor but it was explained like this to me:
the cable itself has an energy field surrounding the cable caused by the energy flowing through the cable 
Anything that interrupts that flow of electric field surrounding the cable such as floors takes away from the capability of the cable
As soon as I put these https://www.musicdirect.com/vibration-control/cable-elevators-cable-supports under my speaker cables, a top end frequency sparkle was there which was not before.  More clarity would be my best description.  I previously had styrofoam cups under my cables but was advised they produced a dielectric charge and would not work as good as the ceramic elevators above.   Try it and you will hear what I’m explaining 
Good Luck Willy-T
Clearthinker, gold is no good. you have to use a magnetic material to create eddy currents around the wires shielding them from EMI.