Tiny Room (6' x 9') speaker advice

Dear fellow Audiogon members

I have been an avid Audiogon reader over the past 10 years and have learned a lot from the community and have come to trust the advice I read on here over most other platforms.

Did a lot of listening during lockdown and I decided that I really like vintage audio.  I recently purchased a vintage HH Scott, Type 200 tube amp with separate Tuner, which are currently being reconditioned. 

In addition, I have a Thorens TD-145, which has an upgraded 8" Jelco arm and Ortofon 2M blue cart (plan to upgrade tot he bronze in the very near future).

For speakers I have the KEF LS50s that are currently connected to a Music Hall 15.3 50W amp (which is being replaced with the HH Scott). 

I want to replace the KEFs with speakers that at least look vintage, i.e. does not need to be vintage just want a wooden box like the Klipsch Heresy IV, Harbeth 30.1, etc. that have a large deep sound stage/excellent imaging.

I have heard and really like the Klipsch Heresy IV and the Harbeth 30.1. The issue as per the title, is that my listening room is tiny. I actually had my system in several different locations in my home but being non-dedicated spaces it did not get nearly the use that it has in this small room.

I have searched the web, including all previous audigon posts, for the "best speakers" for small rooms and the definition of a small room is very subjective (i.e., I have read several posts where it was defined as 15' x 15' or smaller). The best I could come up with is speakers for near field listening, most of which are low sensitivity and not ideal for a 12W tube amp (that said the KEFs can easily reach levels that are well beyond comfortable using the Scott before I sent it to be reconditioned).

Right now my KEFs are approximately 4 ft apart, about a foot off the wall, and my head when sitting is about 6 feet away. They are current on isoacoustic stands on solid walnut shelfs that are bolted to the wall at ear level.

Now comes the question.

What speakers should I try to audition that fit the following criteria?

1. Wood vintage look.

2. Small enough for the room. Again I would go for the Heresy IV, which would fit, but I am sure are way to big for the space.

3. Open airy soundstage. I have a sound in my noodle that I keep searching for, which I can only describe as a Fender Strat played on a 65 Princeton Reverb. Again the Klipsch and Harbeth mentioned above came as close to what I imagine I am looking for as possible.

4. Finally, I would like to keep the price under $3K.

Thanks for your suggestions












In the same time period of the original Roger LS3/5, Celestion 600 or 700 and Accoustic Energy AE1 also had great reviews.

Stax F-81 could be interesting participant for your experiment. It’s always a challenge when we go vintage way. It’s almost impossible to get, but such thing like vintage small electrostats worth a try. 

1 Altec A5 in mono would sound better in that space when any wee chinless bookshelf or underachieving tower. Seriously get a mono converter and jump off the upgrade train enjoy life.