Tip for purchase new power cable

Good morning everyone,

I would like to replace my cheap cable with something that increases the depth in the bass range.

I didn't believe that cables could make a difference of a certain kind, but after several demonstrations I had to change my mind.

I am currently considering these cables:


Oyaide Tunami GPX, Pcocc-a copper network cable 1.5 m

TFA - 3 Ft./90cm Mains cable with Furutech Schuko E11 + Fi-11 Cu

in your opinion which of these 3 cables should sound better and maybe even gain me something in terms of depth in the bass range ?

thanks everyone !


The OP used to be non believer of power cables, After demo he now understands cable make a difference? Why discourage him? OP call wisdom cable ask for Jim very knowledgeable, he own the company, He can guide you and give you a good deal as well. Try pc first , sub are tricky and they occupied too much space.Stick on power cable.

I personally have had good success with power cables over the years without breaking the bank

Over the last 10 years I've transitioned from stock, to PS Audio, to Audio Insight, to Morrow and most recently Puritan

Each step provided incremental SQ improvements and I may have $1500 invested to date

The Puritan was the biggest leap of improvement for me, by far

Here's some feedback from the distributor that I purchased the Puritan from

I probably told you about my client who replaced a $2,500 Shunyata power cable with the $230 Puritan Classic and said it was more open and detailed.

That caught my attention, over the years Shunyata has had some good press and customer testimonials

Lead me to find the investment of $230 as a low risk if I could obtain $2,500 return

I have not integrated the Puritan Classic yet but did replace the power cord on the power conditioner with the Puritan Ultimate

The Puritan Ultimate was single best $900 I've spent on my system in the last 5 years

I know it's a cable but the improvement has people asking what new piece of electronics have I added

Our respective mileage will vary and cables are very much different strokes for different folks, but my experiences with cables (speaker, power cords, interconnects) over the years have been VERY favorable - with all due respect to jasonbourne71

Enjoy the journey and the diversity of our different opinionn

GroverHuffman.com power cords has convinced/converted high end system audiophiles who generally were also electrical engineers who disputed the efficacy of differences in power cables on their systems once just one of GH's power cables were installed (on an amp typically).  They purchase the full power cabling system after that trial.  

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