Tip for purchase new power cable

Good morning everyone,

I would like to replace my cheap cable with something that increases the depth in the bass range.

I didn't believe that cables could make a difference of a certain kind, but after several demonstrations I had to change my mind.

I am currently considering these cables:


Oyaide Tunami GPX, Pcocc-a copper network cable 1.5 m

TFA - 3 Ft./90cm Mains cable with Furutech Schuko E11 + Fi-11 Cu

in your opinion which of these 3 cables should sound better and maybe even gain me something in terms of depth in the bass range ?

thanks everyone !


I highly recommend that you Google Vogue Audio  for all your Power Cables, XLR & RCA Interconnects, Speaker Cables,  for Silver Audio Cables at reasonable prices!   And every  month they have Specials at 50% off their already reasonable priced Cables.   This month is Power Cables, and Speaker Cables!   That's Vogue Audio for all your Audiophile Silver Cable needs!

+1 beware fakes and +1 low cost audiophile power cables are a real mixed bag of sonic attributes (compromises). I have a DH labs power plus and it's ok, but a little fuzzy and rolled off at frequency extremes. I think the RSX Benchmark I have is a little better. I doubt Shunyata Research Venom will get you much deeper bass but I haven't heard the newer ones. Go for a high gauge. You might try https://www.vhaudio.com/ or https://gr-research.com/cables/ for some affordable options. The connectors are just as important as the cable. Good luck, let us know what happens...


This spring/summer I went through a herd of power cables. All price ranges and all types of technologies and wire topologies.

Surprisingly, cables like Signal Cable PC was very good for the money and did a nice job. I bought a pair of very old BMI Whale Elites and they are fantastic for their age. Well balanced. Older Elrods, about $400ish these days are good but the -3 was a little too heavy in the bass department versus the -2.

The standard Puritan is decent. Used NRG Godzilla The Five is a little heavy on the bass but for the price, especially used, pretty darned good.

I'm burning in a Wywires Platinum right now, but so far not impressed.  More time is needed. The KS Elation is considerably better ($$$).

There are some nice PCs out there but the vast majority in my own experience, are all about the same. Neither fantastic nor duds. Just middle of the road.

So for cheap, used is the way to go and some of the better esoteric brands can be found at great deals here and on other sites in the price ranges mentioned above. Unfortunately, it takes buying and trying. Lots of time and (sometimes wasted) money to do so.

I have auditioned a number of power cables and one that makes an audible difference is the NRG The Five power cable...adds 2-3DB to the bass without clogging up the mids or highs.