Tips needed for best FM reception

i have a magnum dynalab etude fm tuner and would like to maxamize my fm listening a roof mounted dipole the way to go or can you get satifactory results with an indoor unit? about the dynalab sleuth and their dipole.....any help will be GREATLY appreciated....thanx
I went roof-mounted with a Radio-Shack FM-specfic antenna (the only outdoor FM-specific one they sell). It's omnidirectional, and looks like two crossed loops. Works great. The antenna itself is only $15, but then add the cost of a mast, mounting hardware, lead, grounding wire and ground stake. I paid someone to install it also, because I am afraid of heights. I wanted to avoid unidirectional antennas and rotors, and have so far not regretted it.
Does your MD have dual antenna inputs? I have two on my tuner and run one omnidirectional, and one multi-element directional antenna to my unfinished attic. I point the directional antenna towards my most used tower(s) and switch to unidirectional for others. That way I don't have to mess with using a rotor and fine tuning for all station changes. Just a thought...
the Etude doesn't have two inputs, but you could install an economical external coaxial switch to select from between the Yagi & the uni antennas.
1. look in the yellow pages for an antenna installer. Tell him you want the best possible FM performance for under $250.
2. Contact and see what they recommend. Then contact your local installer.