Tired of HT

Okay, here's my situation. I've grown tired of the home theater surround sound deal. I have a Rotel amp, Rotel pre pro, paradigm speakers (20 v.3 fronts, cc470 center, atom rears, pdr10 sub, audioquest, Wadia i170, Cambridge DACmagic, etc. For me, it's about 80-90% music and 10-20% movies. My real love is the music. Where do I do from here? I would like a recommendation on a new amp, pre pro, and speakers. My budget is reasonable, but not necessarily cheap if you know what I mean. Thanks
06-27-09: Stringreen
After much experimenting, I found that I needed 2 totally separate systems. The Surround sound is in one room, and the high end stereo in another.
That's how my systems have evolved too. The HT system is a 7.1 system that evolved out of a stereo I built up 12 years ago.

In the meantime I had a modest 2-channel system in the living room for quieter music--small group jazz, acoustic pop, and chamber music. When I switched this system to LP-based, the result was so much more musically satisfying that I upgraded the entire chain, making it a 2-channel music-only system that scales reasonably well from solo to orchestra and big band.

I use the 7.1 channel mostly for HT now except for the occasional multichannel SACD and DVD-A. I do almost all music listening on LP in the 2-ch. living room system.
I used to have two systems, then as Shardorne points out, I just ponied up and did the same level all the way around. Yep, it wasn't cheap, but I have phenomenal two channel, as well as multi-channel and HT in one system. Many two channel people don't really care about their HT, I personally want the best of both and can truly say you can get excellent two channel sound form a HT setup, it just will cost you!
You could completely separate the 2 systems, as I did. See my "System"....

What goal with the sound are you looking for;such as the magic of tubes or that solid bass that solid state is known for although tubes can do it also;maybe you might want to try tubes or a hybrid power amp.
I was using an HT Receiver for Movies and 2 Channel duties a couple of years ago. Like the original poster I listen to music much more frequently than I listen to music and I do not have the space for two separate systems.

The first decision you need to make is with the Left and Right Main Speakers for 2 channel. Many speakers are fine for HT but many will not cut it for quality 2 channel listening. If you like your current speakers great, if not you are in for a journey finding speakers you really like.

The efficiency of your speakers (L&R) will dictate the amount of power you need to properly drive them. I have mono bloc amps for my L&R Mains. I am using a tube preamp with HT Bypass and a Modified Transporter as a dedicated music source. A Denon AVR is used for HT duty to power the center channel and rear speakers. When I watch a movie I flip the switch on the Preamp to HT Bypass and the signal for the Left and Right Main Speakers are passed from the AVR through the preamp to the amps driving the L&R Mains. For me it is the best of both worlds.