Tivoli Radio???

Has anyone heard one of these? My girlfriend want to buy one. She says they sound great. Looks like another Bose scam to me.
Not a scam, it's the real deal.
I have 4 Tivoli PALs. One of the best tuners I have heard.
also one of the most fun pieces of gear I have ever bought, and that includes a lot of stuff believe me ;)
I own two of them. They do sound great, and can play pretty loud for a radio of their size. I would take a tivoli over a Wave radio anyday
I was recently looking for a mini system for the bedroom and listened to the Tivoli set-up with the two speakers and cd player module and in spite of my high expectations my wife and I were really unimpressed. We listened to a Boston Acoustics, a Denon and an RCA (wood woofer) system that were all much better and more balanced sounding. I found the Tivoli to be really compressed sounding in the midrange and tizzy in the treble. Just my opinion but it only took us a few seconds to decide that for the money we could find something much more enjoyable. I think the Denon will win.
I have a tivoli PAL and think it is great. It is the portable battery powered version of the Tivoli radio. Although it only has a single speaker, you can use it as a seperate tuner in a stereo system as the mini-output is stereo. The tuner is much better than the tuner in a typical modern HT receiver IMHO. For $100, it is a nice portable radio.


I own a One, a Three and a PAL. I've also owned the Bose. All are clearly superior to the Bose. I don't know about using one as a stereo system. They may fall short but as good sounding radios they are outstanding.