To Aesthetix users

Any of you plug your Io or Io Sig into a power conditioner?

Jim White advsies against it in the original Io instructions, so I'm leary of doing anything. But I wonder how my ExactPower EP-15A could harm it. All it does is correct the AC sinewave coming in - no power regeneration, no filtering.


Sorry to revive this old thread, but I finally solved the problem.

It wasn't the RSA Duke that did it... though that is currently installed. Nor was it the balanced tonearm cable from Ikeda... though that is also currently installed. Nor was it Cardas caps on unused inputs... though those are currently installed. Nor was it cleaning contacts, though they're all cleaned. Nor was it the power transformer whine, which Jim White says is normal.

Nope, it was cable dressing at the back of the Io! Due to the Io's dual mono construction, the two phono inputs are widely spaced. With all the tonearm cables I've used, the split "Y" for the Left and Right plugs can just barely be opened widely enough to plug into the Io jacks.

This forced the tonearm cable to rest directly on top of one of the power umbilical cords to the Io power supply.

The clue came when I realized that the RF was much worse out of the left speaker, and then noticed that it was the Left tonearm cable that was resting on the power umbilical cord.

So I grabbed a stick of lead bar solder that I had in my toolchest, stuck it in between the tonearm cable and the power umbilical - and - amazingly - the RF has vanished unless you turn up the volume (nothing playing) to tortuous levels.

Next step will be to ask Jim to make me up a pair of shielded umbilicals.

I thought this might be of use to other Aesthetix owners - or anyone who has a massively high-output, all-tubed phono stage and is experiencing similar difficulties.
Hi Patrick,

Good to hear you got the problem solved. If you look back on the threads... I emphasized lead dress as being very important. Nice to have solved it on your own.

Happy listening....

What a journey!!!!! First congratulations on solving this bugging situation, what a nice example of fellow 'goners help and manufacturers backing their product.

This reminded me about checking the cable layout in my system. I recently moved and overlooked this aspect. So specially all friends that have the classical rat's nest situation , take your time and improve this to get better sound / avoid unsuspected problems.
Nkj, thanks for all your help... and sorry for missing your earlier post about lead dressing.

Sol, tell me about it! And thanks, it was a journey.

I just tested for RF again with my BAT volume control at 10, 20 and then 30 with no record playing... dead silence... it's uncanny, almost makes me think the system is off!

Now I can't wait for my headphone amp to come back from its repair. This will, of course, be the ultimate test.
Hi Patrick,

I have been following your progress with the IO problem. I am a relatively new owner of the IO Signature.

I was wondering if you ever left the IO on for a full day, such as 7AM until midnight, for example...I did one day and noticed at the end of the day that the IO was whistling a high pitched sound...according to my searches it sounds like tube bias getting out of whack or something related to do we test tubes to see if they are bad or going bad, the IO has so many that it will take time..I do not have any problems now, been using the IO for several hours a day, not all day marathons like last week.