To big to fail? What road are we headed down?

Anyone else irritated about the way CD's are packaged? For the longest time I have expressed my dissatisfaction to record companies about the way CD discs are sealed for the American market. It's a hassle unwrapping the damn things, and never mind the stickers with impossible to remove glue stuck to many jewel cases. Back twenty plus years ago in Europe I saw the better way CD's were being packaged, and the disparity of common sense in CD packaging between overseas CD packaging and American CD packaging has not changed. It reminds me of so many things in America - that things are done for the convenience of the manufacturer, not for the consumer. I'll extend my grievances with buying CD's in America further by mentioning the way CD's are often shipped here domestically: they are shipped in various packaging, but usually in something that does little to discover that yet another of the CD cases is cracked. I know over many years of CD buying that this has actually got worse in America, not better. With declining sales of music CD's you'd think manufacturers and sellers would do their best to help the buyer - not ostracize them further from buying CD's. I know of the CD's I receive, between 30 and 35% arrive with damage to the jewel case, and I buy from many sellers. Interesting that CD/SACD/etc. discs I buy from Japan (and Hong Kong) rarely arrive with any damage, and they travel much further to reach me. It may sound unfair to some of you, but I find a general lackadaisical, laziness in many aspects of the supplier to their fellow American consumer in many areas - and the aforementioned problems with CD purchasing is but one small area of a much larger problem in this country. I always shake my head at the ethnocentrism I encounter daily in our country, because frankly in many areas in this country we have no reason to be so feeling so superior to others who try harder to please others.
Elizabeth. Shame on you for revealing your sectional prejudice. That bill of rights that protects us all, and provides the same rights to the immigrant, was the work of that slave owning Virginian, Thomas Jefferson. On occasion, when I go to the NorthEast, I have to "prove" that I am worthy of respect (being an ignorant Southerner). At least I can point out that my ancestor (who lived in Boston, by the way) signed the Declaration of Independence. Most of those whom I have met who do the complaining are recent immigrants who received the right to complain as a gift. Read a bit more History and you will feel a lot better about what we have here.
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Twenty sentence rant? Learn to count.

My OP went beyond my beef - the falling customer service and Costco buy big or get outta my face mentality in US of A.

Don't pull Humanities 101 on me Elizabeth. I lost plenty of relatives to fascism. I'm also a vet who has seen the good and the really ugly of GI's up close.

If some think not speaking-up about what bugs one is AOK, go ahead and crawl along settling for mediocrity.

I speak my mind. Those who can't take it - bugger off.
" later that night come and burn your house down... THATS 'Southern Hospitality"
Do provide me with examples and I will have the attorney general of said state, and/or the attorney general of the USA investigate the matter. Lies simply do not help anybody.
Judging from many of the snarky repartee's (mine included) to other's posts, I see I really don't have to know the age of the forum posters here, 'cause I can reasonable assume that many of us are no spring chickens with our little not so pretty axes to grind in our wind downs in the daily grinds of our lives. At least we provide entertainment for the 20 & 30-somethings of what to look forward to when as they age.