To biwire or not to biwire, that is the question

I have a fairly long run of speaker cables, 18 feet.  I am using Cardas Golden Presence and have been happy with them.  But I now have Vandersteen Treo CT’s and Richard Vandersteen insists his speakers are designed to perform their very best when biwired.

Well, I can’t find, much less afford, a second run of Golden Presence but I’m haunted that I might not be getting the best from my Treos.  If the run was shorter, I’d ask the Cable Company to send me a biwire pair to demo, but they don’t have any that long.  Or I could by a less expensive biwire pair, like Speltz Anti-cables and hope the biwire improvement would exceed any loss in quality from using a modest cable.  

Or I could go to Home Depot and buy 70’ of 12 or 14 gauge wire, cut into four lengths and solder some spades on the ends.  Then I can compare a single pair to a biwired pair with exactly the same wire.  Of course, after the experiment, I’d be left with a big pile of wire that I have no use for.


I agree with unsound for longer interconnects and shorter speaker cables if possible if not I would recommend one set of better speaker cables with better jumpers. Of course everyone has an opinion of what a better speaker cable is. I also find bi-amping sounds better to me than bi-wiring if you can swing it.
Check out the Silversmith Fidelium Bi-Wire configuration.
Best buy for the buck.....