To extend Ethernet to remote location, are Powerline extenders or Mesh systems better?

I am trying to get Ethernet into a listening room that is not prewired, and it is not practical to run the hard cable through the old house into that room. I am planning to use a new music streamer that requires Ethernet connection (no wifi).

For hifi purposes, for passing the music signal, not just for computer equipment, are ethernet over powerline units better, or are wifi mesh router systems (which bring an ethernet port into a room using wireless transfer between the mesh devices) better?

For Ethernet over powerlines, I am worried about contaminating the power lines feeding the stereo preamplifier/amplifier, I don’t know if hifi power conditioners will filter out that super high frequency noise well enough.

For wifi mesh, it seems that the wireless handling of the music signal to feed the remote Ethernet port might somehow degrade the sound and introduce other problems that a connected wireline would avoid.

I am not a person that understands these technologies deeply, so I would value perspectives from others here who are users and who may be technically more qualified to understand this stuff.


I'd read that mesh was better than an extender. But space is limited, so have gone for a TP-Link 650 wifi extender.

Yet to set it up, but taking ethernet out to a switch (just buying that now) to my streamer.

Will have a listen to this. If there is noise, the switch I'm getting has optical, which I've read is a way to eliminate noise. 

I used extenders for quite a while, but as more and more devices and apps started using the wifi it eventually couldn't service everything, and my streamers were struggling on and off  Put a mesh system in and haven't looked back.

@jerrybj  using optical will eliminate noise from the source, the problem is though, it sounds bad, thin, edgy, image is in a letterbox between the speakers. The reason for that is the very process of converting light back into electricity (at the receiving end) generates more noise and jitter. Keeping it all electrical and passively filtering out the noise is much better than using optical. I’ve done extensive listening tests on this to draw this conclusion.


You should have no worries.  Ethernet over power lines work very good.

These work perfectly well, as long as both units are on the SAME circuit.  They will still work otherwise but their speed and noise immunity will be less.