To Focal or not to Focal

I was thinking about a upgrade to the focal line maybe the Thieva #3

My current set up is a McCormack Dna1,Rogue audio Rp1 and Nht 2.9 speakers. Would this be a worthwhile upgrade or could I upgrade to a Rugue st100 tube amp.Which is the better upgrade suggestions welcome

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With the Release of the new Evo line there are good deals to be had in the Aria line especially on the used market.  Pair 948s on here for around $2.5K and the 936 and 926 for even less. 

I have always been disappointed by “low end” focals. I have seen 1038be and 1028be used speakers go super cheap. I would personally look for a deal like that. They are really close in sound quality to the Sopra line.



to be clear I like focal just  or the lower models.