To get best sound quality, roon or lumion app?

To get best sound quality which way is the best to go, us the Lumin app in my Lumin T2 or use Roon to make dsd512 -> T2?
I don't use Roon. I also have a Lumin T2 and am satisfied with its ease of use and sound.

I am curious of the answer to this as well. Currently using the LUMIN app on my D1 and I’m satisfied, but I have been wondering about Roon. I will keep an eye on this thread. 
I have a Lumin T1 but I can honestly say both the Roon and Lumin app sound the same to my ears. Went with Roon because of its better integration with Tidal and the fact I’m running Two other zones which needed a single control program 
I use a Lumin U1 mini and have compared Roon and the Lumin App. I find the sound quality in Roon to be much better. I do find Roon to be frustrating to use, particularly for classical music. But the sound quality and Tidal integration make it worthwhile.