To get best sound quality, roon or lumion app?

To get best sound quality which way is the best to go, us the Lumin app in my Lumin T2 or use Roon to make dsd512 -> T2?
I am using Roon in DSD upsampling as I find it integrates well with my PS Audio Direct Stream Dac . I think probably because it gives thd Dac less work to do . I have to admit the sound now is to die for and I have never heard another PC based music system sound as good.
I use Roon and have tried the Lumin app on my U1Mini, and can’t tell any difference in sound quality.  This, to me, is a win for Roon because in every other way it betters the Lumin app, without question.
I never use any upsampling, quality is always worse.
Using T2 and for me Lumin app sounds so much better, that I cannot even use Roon due to the poor quality when compared.
Don't you guys find it annoying to pay a subscription fee for roon (considering its offline software) or did you buy lifetime?
This is what motivates me to get a lumin device so I can use the lumin app instead.