To guard stylus or not?

I’ve not had good results with stylus guards. Recently ruined a perfectly good cartridge (ruby cantilever, nude contact line stylus) trying to install the stylus protection. My revised approach going forward is to use the stylus guard only when moving or adjusting the arm/table. For normal record playing, I will leave the guard off. I think it’s safer that way.
My favorite cartridge, which I run 90% of the time in my main system, is a ZYX Universe and I have never had an issue with installing the stylus guard on it.
anal retentive for expensive cartridges?
I have destroyed a Clearaudio Delta S and that did hurt.
ZYX guard is awkward but use it when cleaning the table.
The Linn Krystal guard is very nice, it fits from the front on, rather from underneath and up. That said, I tend to use the lid on my LP12 which solves the entire issue I guess.