To Loricraft users

After much consideration and I decided to take the plunge and now I'm a proud owner of a PRC 2.5, and have a couple of questions for those of you who have lived with your machines for a while.

a) Did any one experience the crumbling bottle syndrome? The plastic bottle that came with my unit folded from the pressure of the suction. I hooked it up to the side of the machine with the hook supplied, but after 2-3 days use, the bottle gave way.

b) It is possible to clean the LP on both sides (inside-out, and outside-in). Has anyone compared both methods and found either method more effective?

c) How many drops of cleaning solution do you use for each side? I've found that about 8-10 drops is sufficient and does not leave any droplets on the plinth even with the high speed platter revolution.

d) Does anyone else use 0g tracking force?
a) Mine came with a glass bottle. I'd contact Smart Developments and tell them you're not happy with this "upgrade".

b) I've tried both ways. It made no difference that I could tell. All the arm is doing is vacuuming. It's not cleaning in the sense of "scrubbing", the string is larger than a record groove and it tends to lie across the grooves anyway. I always do inside-out, it lets the arm vacuum the lead-in grooves right to the edge a bit better.

c) With RRL I run a single bead across the music portion of the grooves. That's all you need, and it prevents spraying, as you found.

d) I've never tried it at 0g. How would the nozzle stay on the record with no downforce? At 70+ rpm the first warp would launch it into orbit! FWIW I use about 1.6g. If you go much heavier the thread can visibly score the vinyl.

One tip: leave the pump running between sweeps and move the arm off the back of the machine so it sucks air. This helps keep the tube dry and prevents the thread from jamming up.
Hi Doug

Thanks for your replies and mails, good user advice which is always welcomed.

a) I got my unit in Singapore, not from Smart Developments, so pls don't chastise them - LOL. It would be good for Loricraft to go back to the glass bottle though.

b) At 0g, the pressure from the suction is sufficient to keep the nozzle on the record till it reaches the lead in groove, thereafter the arm just floats off the record. This recommendation came from a VA user who saw a demo by the Loricraft folks in UK. I've tried it and it works.

Thanks for the tip.