To mod or not to mod a Sony SCD1

Well I have been toying with this idea for a number of years. Never had the courage to mod my Sony SCD1 having read so many conflicting reports.
I still find my un- modded Sony SCD1 really great in the bass and quite musical through my Audio Research tube amps and ML Requests. Can Audiogoners particularly those who have had their Sony's modded in the past relate their experiences?
Particularly in relation to Super Clock 4 and power supply upgrade. Any views will be appreciated. Thanks.
I went from a stock sony 777, supposedly the same sonically as a SCD-1, to a modded SCD-1: superclock 3, black gates, vishays, so definitely an older mod than you're looking at.

that being said, what I noticed in the switch was more 'delicacy', humanity, analog-ness - not more whizz-bang or pounding bass. to my ears it was a definite improvement.

given the age of the SCD-1, the expense of mods, the expense of (future) repairs on the SCD-1 (assuming you can get parts), I wouldn't do it if I were you. I'd spend the money on a great DAC (SCD-1's are considered great transports) and when the SCD dies on you, either go HD or get another CDP to use as a transport. the only downside is if you have lots of SACDs (which won't play through a DAC).

incidentally, the guy at RAM told me that a fully modded oppo 83se (the unmodded version was $500) will beat a SCD-1 with the best ($$$!) mods he has.
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Had an unmodded 777 for ten years. When it went bad got a 5400es. The 5400 is much better than the 777 or scd-1 especially on redbook. Also you can get the 5400 modded if you want. You can get a new 5400 for $1100 but I don't feel any need to mod my 5400