to my ears digital audio does not sound natural? something is wrong!

lf Digital audio is man made how can I expect the brain to recognize it as natural sounding?

lf I re-encode digital audio with the earths natural frequencies will the brain now recognize it as a natural source allowing the digital audio to harmonize with my brain creating an entirely new listening experience?

This might sound crazy however it sounds perfectly logical to me so i went to the park at 3am to record the frequencies of nature using the built in mic on my cheap mp3 player in wav 16/44 and uploaded the wav file to my pc and while the file from the park was playing on my windows media player i made a simple copy of a commercial digital album flac 16/44 on my desktop and here are the results using the same audio source.

commercial release flac 16/44

commercial release  with earth frequencies

lt may be the placebo effect and i'm hearing what i want to hear however i think the music is now in harmony with my ears?


A riddle that always has me foxed is why some people think digital recordings cut to LP and played back don't sound 'digital'.

It seems to me that if inherently digits 'digitise' a recording then that will be faithfully reproduced by the LP.  Or does the LP magically add 'undigital' artifacts to the sound that can somehow negative the 'digital' sound and make it 'nice' again?  This is beginning to seem like hogwash.

Separately, if music is recorded at a high enough sampling rate and bit count then the crude graphical zig-zag of a lo-quality digital recording will transform to the beautiful curves of analog and it should no longer be possible to hear any 'digital' artifact.  All digital is not inherently bad; only poorly implemented digital (which admittedly is a lot of it)


A riddle that always has me foxed is why some people think digital recordings cut to LP and played back don’t sound ’digital’.

>>>>Most likely for the same reason a lot of people don’t think CDs sound “digital.” 😄
Oh please OP... You're either a troll or you've been under a rock for a long time. 
...then you'd best stop listening to anything other than....say, This....

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