To pricey

Hello was looking at a pair of B&W 804d or 803d but so expensive are they worth it.  ????


I was where you are.   Old Classe electronics, B/W 802N's.  

I bought Audionet Max Amps and Pre G2 Preamp (I had already gotten the  Vega DAC).  Wow.  It Sounded like new speakers!!!!   Really.  So when i actually got new speakers, wow again!!!  Everyone comes over and points to my speakers and says 'wow' those are amazing speakers.  It is easily 50% electronics, and people don't think that way..

I have 803 Nautilus for quite some time now, upgrading to the D verions with the Diamond Tweeter should be better for sure, but it will come at a cost.  I've found the B&W sound to be warm and netrual and not bright sounding.  They are very detail with alot of music seperation with enough bass that I dont need a subwoofer.  Given these were made in 1996, the speakers still sound so great and could be had for less than $3K, the D versions will cost double, and the newer D3 or D4 will cost as much to do a paver driveway.  Demo and let your ears be the judge.

B@W speakers are very amp dependent-not a strong amp will sound bad-the stronger the amp the better they will sound